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Dr Fixit Polymer Mortar HB

Dr Fixit Polymer Mortar HB

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Product Brochure

Packaging Size25 Kg
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
Physical StatePowder
AppearanceFree flowing Powder
Application Thickness50 mm [one stroke]
Bond Strength5 - 6 N/mm2
Flexural Strength19 - 20 N/mm2
Fresh Wet Density2300 + 50 Kg / m3
Tensile Strength6 - 7 N/mm2
Water PermeabilityLess Than 1 %
Dr. Fixit Polymer Mortar HB is a ready-to-us repair mortar, composed of Cement, properly selected & graded fillers,polymers, additives with specially designed acrylic fibers. It is available in powder to be mixed in a definite quantity ofwater for application. It is used for repairs of structural members of residential, commercial & industrial buildings. Itproduces a dense, high strength repair mortar, with excellent bond characteristics to steel reinforcement and concrete.Dr. Fixit Polymer Mortar HB Mortar is shrinkage compensated, has low permeability, extremely durable, chloride freeand contains no metallic aggregate. It can be trowel applied or spray applied up to thickness of 50 mmin single layer.

Areas of Application:
  • All kinds of repair for structural members of – Industrial, Commercial & residential buildings.
  • Repairs to reinforced or pre-stressed beams or columns.
  • Repair of structural members subjected to repetitive loading.
  • Repairs of jetties & any other structure in marine environment.

Features & Benefits:
  • Ease of application – Easy to mix with water and apply manually by trowel .
  • Shrinkage - Reduces the risk of cracking due to shrinkage compensation.
  • Primer – No primer required.
  • Economics – Saves primer cost, easy to apply manually becomes economical.
  • Low rebound – No rebound losses hence no wastage of material during machine application.
  • Permeability - Extremely low permeability, gives excellent resistance to attack by aggressive environmental elements, making it durable.
  • Machine application – Applicable by spray machine increases the speed of application with less labor & energy.

Application ProcedureSubstrate Preparation:
  • It Is Essential That The Substrate To Be Repaired Is Sound, Clean And Free Of All Contamination.
  • The Damaged Areas Of Concrete To Be Removed Should Be Clearly Identified. The Perimeter Of The Area Should Be Saw Cut To A Depth Of 10 Mm And The Edges Cut As Neatly As Possible Keeping The Sides Squares. Feather Edging Is Not Permitted And A Minimum Thickness Of 10 Mm Must Be Maintained Over The Whole Repair Area.
  • If Reinforcement Is Exposed In The Repair Area, It Should Be Cleaned To Remove All The Rust Particles By Mechanical Means Like Metal Wire Brush Or Abrasive Blasting.
  • Cathodic Protection To The Reinforcement Steel Can Be Provided By Applying Dr. Fixit Epoxy Zinc Primer To The Cleaned Steel Bar Uniformly. Severely Corroded Reinforcement May Require Replacement And The Engineer Must Be Consulted.

Pre-Wetting The Substrate:
  • The Concrete Substrate Must Be Saturated With Water Till Saturated Surface Dry Condition Is Achieved. Any Excess Water May Be Removed By Cloth Or Oil Free Compressed Air.

  • Dr. Fixit Polymer Mortar Hb Must Be Mixed Mechanically. For This, Heavy-Duty Slow Speed Drill With Spiral Mixing Paddle Or Forced Action Mixer Can Be Used.
  • Add 3.5 Litres Of Water Into The Mixer. Start The Mixer And Add The Dr. Fixit Polymer Mortar Hb Powder Rapidly And Continuously. Mix For 3 Minutes Until Mortar Is Homogeneous And Lump Free.
  • Add Water, If Necessary, To Get The Desired Consistency. Mix For A Further 1 To 2 Minutes. Under No Circumstances Should Excess Water Be Added. Little Extra Water May Be Required In Hot Climatic Conditions.
  • If Ambient Temperature Is More Than 300C, Use Chilled Water For Mixing And Store Unused Product In Shed. For Better Results Maintain The Mixed Temperature Of Product At 350C.

  • After Mixing, Dr. Fixit Polymer Mortar Hb Can Be Sprayed Or Trowel Applied.

Additional Information:

  • Packaging Details: 25 KG

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  • Sunanda EP Polymer Mortar
  • Sunanda EP Polymer Mortar
  • Sunanda EP Polymer Mortar
Sunanda EP Polymer Mortar

Sunanda EP Polymer Mortar

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Product Brochure

Packaging Size1,5,20KG
POLYALK EP is a polymeric formulation that strengthens and modifies the microstructure of cement based hydrated products by forming a polymeric spatial network in its voids, complementing the cement paste characteristics.
1. Repair of RCC members, water tanks, industrial floors. 2. Grouting of RCC members 3. Finish plastering for brick and block work. 4. Heritage structures rehabilitation. 5. Staircase steps retrofitting, foundation grouting 6. Pipe joints – new and repaired.applicable by brush is ready for use as a bonding material. 2. In special cases this composition may be modified by consulting CMCD 3. Clean the surface on which the bonding coat is to be applied with a water jet approximately 24 hrs prior to application. 4. Apply the bonding coat on the cleaned RCC surface by brush taking care to avoid pinholes. 5. Immediately after application of the slurry on the requisite surface, place the next screed or mortar etc. that is to come over it “wet on wet” application

Additional Information:

  • Packaging Details: 1,5,20 KG

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